Many signs could be indicators of something being wrong in a relationship. When things start turning sour between a couple, some signs inevitably appear, they could gradually appear and infest the relationship, if no action is taken the relationship will indubitably crash. Many factors could drive a couple to a breaking point, from realizing that you have nothing in common, to parting in different ways, or from running out of love to grow tired of each other, to say a few.

It is important to know the signs that show that the relationship is on the edge of breaking off in order to take action to address the issues if wanted or needed or just let the relationship falls apart. 

Here are 6 signs that your relationship Is no the edge of breaking out.


Absence or reduced number of sex act is one of the biggest signs of something being wrong in a relationship. This is the situation where the couple has no longer any intimacy, or rarely. The couple, one or both partners, avoid having sex and sometimes avoid discussing it. The lack of physical connection will inevitably tear apart the couple, as sex is significant in a relationship. sexless relationship can be a major source of stress, discontentment, frustration, therefore can highly damage a relationship. 

this is a sign to look out and address it as soon as possible by reviving your sex life if you desire to save their relationship. 


At some point in a relationship, one or both partners will realize that they have nothing in common, they have different interests, hobbies, passions. They have been unable to really embrace each other over the years; they just could not blend their interests together and make it works. So, their different way of living becomes apparent and they have separate social lives. They do not share anything, hence do not really spend time together.  It could be the case that initially, the couple has the same interest and then over the years they outgrow each, their priorities shifted and their lives Simply took different directions.  


Poor or lack of communication is another major sign of the relationship falling apart. Silence treatment is mostly associated with having a fight, so it is not a good thing in a relationship. It causes anxiety and confusion in a couple; partners do not really talk, neither do they share., therefore they do not understand each other, the number of misunderstandings increased. There is a constant disconnection between the couple causing some tense and secretive atmosphere to take place, this would lead to some kind of apathy in the relationship. Communication is vital in any relationship; it addresses misunderstandings and gives directions. 


A little disagreement from time to time is quite common in a relationship. But when one or both partners become easily irritated for no apparent reason, it is a sign that all is not well in the relationship. Sometimes even the thought of the other partner or their presence makes you uncomfortable, enervates you, brings negatives feelings. Any disagreement will quickly degenerate into an argument. You feel disconnected, misunderstood, and you are both on the edge. You have no more room for any understanding because you feel like you have exhausted all your compromises, so some arguments will never get resolved.  It is imperative in this situation, to give time to each other, to really listen to each other concerns and try to address them. If possible, involve a third party for solutions. 


This is the situation where clearly affection has run out. There is no apparent emotion displayed. There is a total lack of affection. The couple avoid any Public display of affection. Endearment’s words disappear from their languages or are rarely used; instead, they refer to each other with names, insulting names. There could be long periods of time with no romance. They just stop caring for each other. One or both partners has a ‘’plan B’’ as they do not feel fulfilled with the relationship anymore, they get their happiness outside of the relationship. The relationship will be in a state of stagnation. 

In this case, the best way is to talk things out, to take action where needed or simply part ways if necessary. 


Overtime in a relationship, things could change, it could be a change of emotions or physical changes. You now start to see changes in your partner. Physical changes involve putting on or losing weight, aging signs, etc. You notice and highly dislike your partner’s flaws, instead of embracing them.

You don’t feel like making the effort for each other. This will cause the relationship to be gradually one-sided and inevitably heading to the breaking point.