To maintain a clean and tidy house can be most of the time challenging, especially now that people are busier. The task can be huge if left undone, and sometimes can be discouraging and intimidating to start. The key for an outstanding looking and clean house is organisation. This does not mean you have to spend hours cleaning out, scrubbing. It takes little effort here and there to have an excellent result. Knowing what to do and implementing it is the game-changer regarding housekeeping.  

Here we suggest what you can do on a daily, weekly, monthly, every six months, yearly basis to get a house that looks and feels put together.  


The tasks you can perform daily for a clean house include:   

        . Making your bed,  

        . Do the washing up,  

        . Cleaning your pet dishes and litter  

       . Wiping kitchen counters and sink after used and sanitise  

       . Wiping baths tubes, toilet bowl and sanitise  

       . Putting rubbish away  

       . Straightaway clean any spills  

       . Vacuum or sweep when needed  

This list is not exhaustive. There is some other small task you can do on the go to have a tidy and neat house such as putting things back at their original place.  


You can plan the following tasks to perform weekly. This will make a difference if doing consistently. The tasks include:  

      . Check and throw away expired food from the fridge  

      . Clean the fridge  

      . Do the laundry  

     . Mopping surfaces such as kitchen floor, bathroom floor  

     . Deep wash the bathroom, scrubbing, wiping mirrors  

     . Changing bedding  

     . Shake out pets’ bedding and clean birdcages  

     . Sweep front steps and back yard  

     . Wipe down the skirting board  

    . Deep clean some kitchen appliances such as microwave, toasters  

Again, this list is not exhaustive.  


The task to execute monthly include the followings:   

 . Deep clean the oven and the cooker  

 . Dust the lights fixtures, ceilings lights or chandelier  

 . Clean or wipe down or dust the windows, the blinds and the mirrors  

 . Clean or Polish your silverware  

 . Deep clean the washing machine, dishwashing, the dryer  

 . Deep clean and sanitise the rubbish bin  

 . Clean the radiators.  

Something else you can do monthly could be to deep clean one bedroom.  


Some housework does not need to be executed often, although they need to be done to achieve a spotless house. The tasks you can do every six months include:  

   . Tidying up inside the cupboards and get rid of expired or unwanted items.  

   . Defrosting your fridge and deep clean it  

   . Move and clean under your furniture, and polish the furniture.  

   . De-scale kitchen appliances such as the kettle, the coffee machine, the iron  

  . Deep clean inside out the oven  

  . Remove and wash or clean the shower curtain liner  

  . Wash, clean kids’ toys, pillows and comforters  


Finally, there are the housework tasks you can complete only once a year. Such tasks involved:  

 . Spring clean the whole house  

. Changing the decoration   

. Deep clean the fireplace and the chimney  

. Deep clean the carpet and upholstery  

. Wash, clean the curtains.  

Getting organised and completing these housework tasks would make a massive difference in the state of your house. You do not need to execute the same things every time, but it is better to have a set routine and to be committed. If you are committed, you will certainly get results, meaning a clean, tidy house. Do you know others housework tasks to add on those lists? Please share.