The bathroom is one of the parts of the house that need to be clean, to avoid the breeding and the spread of germs and bacteria. A lot of people are dreading the task, but adopting a routine and keeping it simple will help to make the job more enjoyable. It is essential to clean daily; light cleaning will do. You need to clean all the equipment in sight, wipe down all the fittings. Do not forget all that is underneath.  

6 Ways to get a clean, germ-free bathroom


There are different ways and products to clean the bathtubs and shower trays. But it is advised not to use abrasive or strong chemical products. Use some cream cleaner to wash ceramic shower and vitreous enamel baths and basins. Use a mild detergent solution to clean acrylic baths. And use some proprietary limescale remover to remove hard watermarks. For rust, use some proprietary rust remover, or use a paste made out of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. To keep up, clean them after each use, this will prevent limescale from building up and more challenging to remove. Privilege bubble bath that cleans the tub at the same time, over bath oils that make more mess.  


Do not forget the showerhead, it needs to be thoroughly clean too. To do so, you can soak it in mild detergent solution and wash it with a brush; you can spray some vinegar on it and then rub it with a brush.  


You need to pay special attention to the washroom, especially the toilet bowl as this can easily be a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean the inside of the toilet bowl every day with a toilet cleaner. Do not forget to clean under the rim. Clean the seat, all the handles and the surroundings. It is good to use some sanitizer. From time to time, you can spray some light disinfectant to stop or kill any germs.  


Sinks are the most used in a bathroom. They have to be clean, dry, so need to be thoroughly cleaned after used, such as brushing the teeth, washing hands, any other uses. You can use a mild detergent, cream cleaner or vinegar to clean them, then wipe them dry with a dry cloth.  


Bathroom cabinets or cupboard, medicine chests. Clear them out regularly, wipe out all the inside with a clean cloth, replace the items back. For the medicine chest, check the medicine, dispose of any expired or unwanted ones.   


Most of the time, the inside wall accumulates limescale and not very lovely to sight. So, regularly clean the walls to prevent the limescale from being permanent. Use a mild detergent solution to wipe down the wall daily after every used.  

In addition to those tips for cleaning the bathroom’s equipment, do not clutter your bathroom with unnecessary items, as well let the sun in; use the exhaust or fan when bathing or showering. Do not forget to empty the bin regularly.