8 jobs that you can start now from home


 In those times of confinement, of lockdown, a lot of people find themselves out of a job; or they resume their job from home. Whatever the case, if you are working your day job from home, you can spare some time to create a part-time job aside; or if you find yourself out of a job, you can start right now a new job online.  

Here are 8 jobs that you can start now from home  


Internet research involves doing some research online; internet researchers are net surfers; they navigate the internet to find the information’s that their clients require. Clients use internet researchers to know about some specific subjects or to know what the internet community ‘feedback, reviews about them. There is a demand for internet researchers. An internet researcher can make a decent amount of money.  


Freelancing is a booming business, and there is a different way to break into it. A freelance writer writes for money, working for himself/herself. A freelancer writes according to the demand of the client; he can work for different clients. They are different way a freelancer can get work. They can contact the clients (bloggers, businesses, etc.) directly, ask around (family, friends), network with other freelance writers such as UpWork, Fiverr, etc. Freelancers writers can make some decent revenues.  


An online educator could be an instructor or a teacher using the internet to teach courses online. If you have any appropriate qualification, you can become an online educator; you can teach through only classes people your line of skills for money. There are a lot of skills people sick after, make sure that there is a demand for the set of skills you want to monetize. You can teach English, French, Spanish, mathematics, science, some specific skills such as gardening, sewing, cooking, etc. The choice is endless, and you can have an excellent financial return.  


Virtual assistant services are trendy now. Being a virtual assistant involve providing administrative, creative, professional, technical assistance to clients from the comfort of your home. A virtual assistant can take care of clients’ digital marketing tasks, schedule their appointments, help the clients manage their time. In a nutshell, a virtual assistant will do almost anything.  


Surveys are standard tools for research in marketing, social sciences, official statistics. You can earn some decent amount of money by completing online surveys working from home. There are a lot of online platforms; you can sign up to, to receive regular reviews to complete. To make the most money you might want to sign to a lot of platform such as Swagbucks, Toluna, Opinion outpost, etc.  


One can make some money selling stuff on online marketplaces. You can sell anything new or old. A suggestion will be to start decluttering your home, then sell you unwanted items online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, etc. You can do with minimum efforts as everything is put into place to make the experience enjoyable and straightforward. You can as well buy new items for resale; for this, you can reach out to online wholesale companies.  


Another way to make money online is to start a blog, but note that blogging might take time to start generating income. You can create your blogging site to share your ideas.There are endless subjects you can write about; it is good to write about topics you know, subjects you are passionate about or share a specific skill you have. Blogs are in fashion now, and people are making very decent money from it.  


Affiliate marketing is a great way to start making money now from home. It is the process of earning a commission when you promote other people products. You sign up with some of the online platforms which offer the service such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank, ShareASale, etc. you receive an affiliate link that you use to promote the products. You can make some decent of money if you commit 

Whichever job you chose, note that results may vary, and will depend on the efforts you put into it.