Getting so-called white-collar jobs have become more complicated with a lot of qualified hands and limited jobs. One needs to know creative ways to earn money else; survival would become more difficult. There are lots of ways to make money online. If you have an interest in how to make money online without paying anything, check out the below legitimate method to make quick money in one day. 

Here are the best and easiest 7 Legal ways to make money.

1. Get Paid for Online Surveys:

Companies are willing to pay good money to get inside consumers’ heads. If you’re looking for creative methods to make extra money, look no further. They’re free to join and use. One important thing to know is that signing up for more than one survey site will help you make much more moneyYou will be eligible for more surveys, and you will be able to select those that pay the most (helping you make the best use of your time) and gaining more from it. Below are some of the high paying online surveys sites. 

  • Swagbucks: Swag bucks is one of the most popular paid online surveys website. Apart from paying you to take surveys, they also offer $10 as a sign-up bonus/incentive 
  • InboxDollars: Inboxdollars provides a simple interface for earning money. You earn just by completing simple tasks. Just watching video tutorials and answering a few questions will make you money. 
  • Survey Club: Survey club allows you to participate income of the latest surveys, product research and product testing. The company pays directly to your PayPal account. 

2. Get Cash Back when you shop: 

Technically you don’t make money, but you get money back (you would have made anyway on purchases). The cool thing is, that’s in addition to any discount or coupon codes that you already have. The best online cash-back shopping site is Ebates (now Rakuten) — plus, upon making a qualifying order, you can receive a $10 sign-up bonus. 

3. Get Paid to Watch Online Videos:

Sites such as Swagbucks offer ways to make extra money beyond only taking paid surveys. Companies need to test ads on a video, and that’s where you get in. You can watch for a specified number of minutes, which amount you’ll be told in advance, and earn points you can redeem for cash. They’re even just offering you $10 to sign up. 

4. Nielsen Digital Voice:

Nielsen Digital Voice gages how people use technology to spend their time. Once you install the Nielsen app, you earn points with your smartphone for every hour you spend. You’ll also get entries in their $10,000 sweepstakes every month. 

5. Purchase Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: 

Friends are not going away anytime soon. Bitcoin can now be used to buy pizza, pay for your transportation and shop online. Why don’t you use this new form of currency to make yourself some extra cash? You get an additional $10 bonus when you sign up for the Coinbase and buy $100 worth of bitcoin. You get another $10 for each person you refer to in 

6. Become a freelance writer:

Content is what pushes web traffic. Websites are always pumping out exciting, new content, and they are still searching for authors! If you’re not yet quite ready to start your blog, this may be an excellent option to see if writing articles and content is for you. We don’t recommend starting a career from scratch as a freelance writer, because the competition is high. 

7. Using Swagbucks for online search:

Another perfect way to earn passively with Swagbucks is by using their search tool. Swagbucks will use their search engine to pay you micro-amounts for available quests that you complete. Earnings are daily limited, and they don’t fully reveal what constitutes an eligible search. But it’s a sure and easy way to make some extra dollars a month without much effort.   

Everyone wants to make extra money legitimately. You can make use of any of the methods mentioned above, and you’ll be sure to see an increase in your income.