Cleaning your windows by yourself or hire somebody else to do it is not a task lot of people do. It is a task most of the time neglected. But having clean windows can make a huge difference, better view, benefit for house plants too. It could be challenging to clean your windows, or cannot afford to pay someone to do it, but doing it will amaze you. You do not need to break the bank or your back to have cleaned windows. You can use some everyday kitchen products to clean your windows. Some general guidance would be to take down any object obstructing such as the curtains, the blinds and remove any object from the window sill; as well start cleaning the windows frames first before cleaning the glasses.  Here we share five tips to help you always have squeaky cleaned windows.  

CLEAN THE WINDOWS OFTEN: The first tip might look obvious but not often follow. It is to clean them regularly; this will not only make the actual cleaning easy, enjoyable but will prevent the windows from getting, therefore, more challenging to clean. It is a good idea to have a window cleaning you follow; your plan might change and adapt to the seasons.  

CLEAN THE WINDOWS WHEN NOT TOO SUNNY OR FROSTY: For your windows to be properly clean, avoid cleaning them when the sun is high and shining on them, you would not be able to do the task and adequately judge, the result might be disappointed.  The same goes for frosty days, avoid cleaning your windows when it is frosty as the glass is more brittle and may break.  

MODERATELY USE DETERGENTS: Some people overuse detergents in the water while cleaning their windows, this could lead to streaks. Most of the time, one capful of detergent mix with water in a bucket is sufficient. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions or choose one of the following products: mild detergent, vinegar, methylated spirits, ammonia, white spirit, etc., mix in lukewarm water. Detergents should be used sparingly.  To remove stains from paints, try using some nail varnish, dry cleaning solvent.  

USE APPROPRIATE CLOTHS: It is essential to use the appropriate cleaning cloth when it comes to cleaning windows; for example, avoid using a dry cloth on dirty windows to prevent scratching the glass surface. For a perfect finish, use a chamois or crumpled newspaper.  

USE THE RIGHT DIRECTION: Direction matter if you want to get some cleaned, clear, streaks free, shiny windows. For internal sides of windows, use crossways strokes for a perfect finish. And for external parties of windows, apply vertical strokes. Doing so will allow you to see as well the side with any smears.   

Cleaning your windows can be tricky, sometimes even dangerous, especially if you are doing it yourself and you do not have the appropriate equipment. Avoid cleaning challenging to reach or high floor if you do not have the proper equipment or you are afraid of height. Keep the bucket on a stable surface when cleaning.