Do you want to save money with your current income, without expecting any additional income? If you want to save money and you do not have or expect any extra income coming in, you might want to change the way you are managing your income to make any savings out of it. Doing so might help you to make a better and healthy life for yourself, and at the same time help you make the savings you are yearning for.   

 Here we share 5 things you might consider stop spending money on and to start making savings and get great results.  


 Nowadays, there is a gadget for any little task in the kitchen. If you are not careful, you can quickly become a kitchen gadget ‘’junkie’’, as new gadgets come out all the time. So, it is an excellent idea to stop buying them, as following the trend is costly and not necessarily useful. The kitchen basics essential can just do the job, so stay away from fancy kitchens gadgets. A lot of people buy kitchen accessories that they don’t even open let alone used. It will help as well to stop watching all those advertising channels which always have new products, gadgets to promote. Those TV programmes will only encourage you to spend more, more and more.   



Something else to stop buying now is clothes. People spent a significant amount of money on clothing. From new trends coming out too often to changes in the weather, it could be overwhelming and costly to follow. Most people end up with a house full of clothes that they do not necessarily use, later found themselves fighting with clutter. So, it is an excellent idea to stop buying new clothes, not only will this allow you to save money but as well you will have a clutter-free house.This will not be an easy task for some people, especially with sales going on often. But it worth a try, remember to get your money worth by wearing what you already have.   



The next thing that you might want to stop paying for is your gym membership. When you think about it, you will come to ask yourself, what the point of paying for something you are not even using. Most people could count the number of times they have been to the gym since they subscribed.  they are always making excuses not to go. Meanwhile, there are still paying their membership. So, you will do yourself good by just cancelling your membership and save the money instead.  


 People with children know that Toys are a big thing in a house. Especially if you have very young children, different gender, so different toys interests. People usually spent a large amount of money on toys; children are rewarded with toys at any little occasion, you can imagine, with new toys coming out all the time. Your house will be full of toys that your children do not even use; you will end up with a cluttered house  So, you can put an end to this, talk to the children, they will be happy to use what they already have. You will be able to have a clutter-free house and ultimately able to save more money.  


 The fifth thing that you can consider stopping spending your money on are takeaways. For convenience or just by laziness people spend a considerable amount of money on takeaways without realizing it.  You can make substantial savings by stopping buying takeaways. If you do, look for alternatives, you can either cook them yourself, there are a lot of resources out there to help you to do so, or you can buy them at your groceries store at lower prices.  You can as well try to make the sauces yourself, dressing sauces. They will be far more natural and cheaper.  


You will see some results if you implement all or some of those tips. You will have more money in your account that you can save. Do you have a suggestion that you would like to share? Please leave a comment below.